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Vital provides telehealth services via HIPAA-secure platform.  

Teletherapy has improved access to treatment for many people.  Now, those who struggled with long commutes, unpredictable work schedules, transient or chronic illness, mobility issues, and childcare challenges are better able to access CBT.  Hours that used to be allocated for travel and session time are now significantly decreased. People who having been living in a part of the U.S. without access to OCD or anxiety specialists now have options to see therapists via PsyPact-authorized teletherapy.  Those with OCD and anxiety specifically related to their home environment find themselves better poised to do exposure and response prevention in teletherapy sessions.  Also, current clients who move for college, work, or extended travel can still continue their CBT if they are in a PsyPact participating state. If you have a smartphone or computer, a private place to talk, and internet access, you can utilize teletherapy.

Feel free to contact me if you have more specific questions about accessing teletherapy.