Helping you change your relationship with anxiety

Your life. On your terms.

It can be frustrating to constantly consider whether you can do something based on anxiety instead of your own goals and values.

Through cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT), you can learn the skills to challenge anxiety and make it less of a factor in charting the course for your life.

Vital provides individual outpatient CBT to those 18 and older.

About Dr. Rina Pesce

My goal is to collaborate with clients to facilitate functional, meaningful change in their lives. Your unique life context and history guide the treatment plan, honoring your priorities and values. I respect the client’s pace in therapy while kindly encouraging them to push their comfort level to grow.  I enjoy providing treatment to diverse communities and have specialized training and expertise in a variety of cultural factors in treatment, including but not limited to ethnicity, religion, and gender.  

PsyPact Authorized to Provide Virtual Therapy

Telehealth services are provided via HIPAA-secure platform. 

If you live outside Maryland, check the map to see if you are eligible to receive virtual therapy.